When it comes to building a funnel, copywriting may be king, but without his queen in sales funnel design, you’re not going to get very far. Building a sales funnel is an essential part of being in business today, which is why I’ve been focusing each week in this sales funnel success series on a different aspect of funnels and how you can leverage these aspects to build a massively successful business online. This week, we focus on design and I’ll explain why I trust only one software: ClickFunnels, to build the right design.

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Why Design Matters

Last week, we talked a lot about sales funnel copywriting. And, I stressed then that copywriting is the number one most important part of the funnel. This is absolutely true. A good sales funnel converts well because the copy within the funnel.

However, a good sales funnel also needs to be designed in a way that allows visitors to quickly and easily navigate that copy. This is where design comes into play.

What did you do the last time you landed on a boxy, “90s looking” page? If you’re like most web users, you probably had a pretty clear impression about that company -and it wasn’t positive. Why? Because you expect a professional presentation and if the website looks like it hasn’t been updated in a couple of decades, it doesn’t leave a good taste in your mouth. The same is true with sales funnels.

Images and Videos

With sales funnel design, one of the first things people consider are the visuals. Design is a visual factor after all, so the images and videos are what’s most important, right? Actually, these aren’t nearly as important as the overall layout of the funnel itself.

Yes, quality, eye-catching images are important, but that should be common sense at this point. What’s more important is how your image ties in with the overall design. Actually, here’s how you should really look at it. The image should be chosen to match the design, not the other way around.

And, videos are a similar deal. In fact, there are really just two videos you should have in your funnel: video sales letters (VSLs) and testimony videos. With the VSL, you should build it using the same design as your funnel, but that’s really secondary. Copywriting is actually the bigger deal with a sales letter. And, since testimonies are submitted by clients, this video isn’t as much about design as it is content.

Here’s the bottom line: images and videos are an important part of your design, but the overall strategy expands well beyond them.

Design Sales Funnels that Sell

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More important than any one image or video, the real aspect of sales funnel design that you need to pay attention to is the overall structure. Users don’t want a complicated design. They prefer something simple and easy to use.

One of the big mistakes business owners make online is that they try to over-complicate things. All else being equal, a simpler sales funnel will always outperform a more complex one. People look for a responsive design where they can easily scroll through on both desktop and mobile devices. They want the ability to read the highlights, see the product in action, and have easy access to social proof (i.e. testimonies).

Of course, knowing these rules is just part of it. See, the real successful sales funnel builders understand that it goes beyond just intuitive design and understanding. Rather, a focus on results is key. This is why serious businesses split test every step of the way. Build variations, one shorter one longer, one with a blue call-to-action button and one with a red one. Test, re-test, and keep testing until you optimize the design for conversions. This is the real secret to sales funnel design.

The Best Sales Funnel Builder

Want to know the number one shortcut to sales funnel design? A high quality sales funnel software. There are an array of them out there to choose from, including ones that integrate directly with platforms like WordPress. However, if you’re looking to build a serious business online, why worry about all the noise?

At Macolino Enterprises, we trust just one platform for this job: ClickFunnels. When it comes to designs, this is where you can find existing templates that people are already using to make $1,000s of dollars every day. And, its simple interface allows you to drag, drop, and manipulate just about every part of your funnel. In this way, you can build beautiful funnels in a fraction of the time it would take in just about any other software out there.

Learn more about why I believe ClickFunnels is the best sales funnel builder.

Leverage Professional Sales Funnel Design

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But, I get it. Reading about this stuff is easy enough. Executing on it is another matter entirely. In truth, this is the biggest challenge most business owners face today. Sure, they know that a funnel builder like ClickFunnels is essential to success, but they don’t feel they have the time to build a funnel themselves. You no longer have that excuse.

Remember, our job here is to offer a sales funnel design that you can drop into your business and start using today. So, if you’re ready to join the 21st century and start marketing your business with an online sales funnel, simply fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch to find out how we can help you get started. With a sales funnel in the works, you’ll be ready to break the mold and experience massive success online.