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Do you have a lot of DIY products that you wish to share or sell to the world but you cannot decide how to do it in a more effective manner? Are you in an industry that requires you to build, craft, make, mix, or match things? There’s an artsy community out there and unlike most social media sites, this one is full of individuals who are prone to buy what you’re selling. Today, let’s talk about some ways you can start marketing on Pinterest.

Create A Business Account

This may seem like common sense, but as usual, it often goes neglected. Don’t make the mistake of starting a personal account and using that for your business. Aside from the increased credibility of a business account, this sets you up for business purposes. What that means is you have access to information and measurement data that you wouldn’t otherwise on a personal account. Analytics is an essential part of any social media marketing and the rich tools and resources included here are important if you want to succeed marketing on Pinterest.

Generate High-Quality Images

Pinterest is a visual community. Sure, you might be able to say that about any network (Instagram much), but the type of images you find on Pinterest are often more specialized. Remember, many users go here to learn a DIY project or a new arts and craft approach. Those life hack guides with images? Those work too.

Regardless, Pinterest users are members because they want high-resolution pictures. They expect the quality to be on point, or they’ll pass you by. ┬áHere’s a few tips to keep in mind when marketing on Pinterest:

  • The photos have to be brighter or lighter in color;
  • They should not be blurred; and
  • If using a model (a person), consider having the face off-center or not showing at all. Unless you’re marketing makeup of some kind, this can actually detract from the value of the post.

Make Them Shareable

pin it on pinterest

This social networking channel lets users customize the pictures according to how they want it to appear to the consumers. They can do with or without the Pin It button, yet it is of course more advisable if they add it since this allows the viewers to share the image on their own account for their own followers to see.

Once you have all the products, photos, and content ready, do everything mentioned earlier from the top to bottom in order to begin earning through Pinterest. Good luck!

Start Marketing on Pinterest

Here’s the reality. Pinterest users tend to have a higher medium income than any other social network. In fact, you’re talking an average household income of more than $70,000, which means they have some money to spend. To put that in context, Facebook’s average income is only around $52,000.

So, if you’re not sure how to use Pinterest in your business, go ahead and fill out the form below. If it’s applicable to you, it’s time you get started marketing on Pinterest.